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Newspapers, Delivered by Drone

En Francia experimentan nuevas formas de entregar las noticias, repartirán periódicos en papel con drones. A province in France is piloting a non-piloted system for distributing the news.

A Videogame That Teaches Kids To Code

Un videojuego en el que gana el jugador que sepa programar mas rápido y mejor. I’m sitting in the carpeted hallway of the Austin Convention Center, playing a game on an iPad. Stereo crashes and echoes fill my earbuds as I wheel through different points of view in a beautifully rendered, three-dimensional, dark and moody landscape. This is the arena where my robot, customized o…

North Korea

Reuters informa que Corea Del Norte declaró el “estado de Guerra” con Corea del Sur, así es la cobertura